Hydraulic Embossing & Cutting Power Press

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The Hydraulic Embossing Press Comes with multiple features provided with hand lever operating in hassle free way. The Press Comes with different ton capacity according to the working and capacity requirements.

Hydraulic Cutting Press Cuts the Gold/Silver blanks sheet which is processed after rolling sheets.Cutting dies for semi finished blanks ( discs, rectangles….) are provided in dimensions to be précised and are cut out into desired shapes (round, rectangular, pendant shapes and etc)providing through cutting dies process after which blanks are ready to be minted into hydraulic stamping press.

Cutting dies are designed according to the requirement.

Features :

  • Heavy Base Plate

  • Singular Frame Design

  • Dual Option available in Embossing Power Press ( Cutting & Embossing ) for small production line.

  • Pressure Controller for Different weight ranges embossing

  • Customization Available

Applications :

  • For Making Gold & Silver Coins,Bars in various sizes with easy displacement of embossing Dies

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